Let's keep Mcafee's 🍆 on it's place and not on his plate!

Buy 1 Bitcoin for $1.000.000.

Please make firstly a $3.000 reservation deposit via PayPal. After the payment, you will be contacted in a matter of hours in order to finalize the transaction.


Chain of Events


It all started with a tweet

On July 17, 2017 Bitcoin advocate and millionaire, John Mcafee proposed a public bet on Twitter that 1 Bitcoin is going to be worth at least $500.000 by July 17, 2020. If he loses the bet, he promised to eat his dick on national tv.


$1 million

At the peak of Bitcoinmaina in late November 2017, he doubled the value of Bitcoin in the bet to $1 million.


Hello, Mr.President!

John Mcafee announced he will be running for the president in 2020. It seems 2020 is going to be an important year for John.


Save Mr.President

Running for US President is no joke, so we have to do something and save John’s 🍆. Otherwise we'll have a really bloody campaign and a dick-less male president in 2020.


How many Bitcoins are you selling for $1 million?

Just one!

I'm not John Mcafee. Can I still buy this Bitcoin?

Well, it would be the most reasonable for him to buy it and save his 🍆. However, the offer is available for anyone under first come first serve basis.

Do I have to reveal my identity to the world if I purchase this Bitcoin?

No. But you certainly can, if you want to use this purchase as a marketing stunt for yourself or your business.

What do I get if I purchase it?

You get the following:

  • A Bitcoin, duh.
  • A special purchase certificate.
  • A backlink to your website if you want it (example).
  • An eternal gratitude from John Mcafee’s 🍆.

  • Why should I purchase this Bitcoin for $1 million?

    I can give you a few reasons, but I’m sure there are plenty more good reasons why:

  • You want to prove you have 1 million dollars.
  • You want to save John Mcafee and his 🍆.
  • You don’t know where else to buy a Bitcoin.
  • You see this as a great promotion for yourself or your business.
  • You believe Bitcoin will be worth $1 million, which means you will get your 1 million back.

  • OK, I’m in. How should I process the transaction?

    Firstly make a $3.000 reservation deposit via PayPal by clicking BUY BITCOIN button at the top of this page. After receiving the payment, I will contact you with all the details to finalize the transaction.

    Can I contact you?

    Sure, you can write me at hello@themilliondollarbitcoin.com or follow me at @mlndollarbtc .